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Simone Piccioni is a renowned Italian artist whose career has spanned various disciplines, including fine art, acting, theatre, photography, and filmmaking. Born and raised in Rome, Simone attended the Rome Academy of Fine Arts where he began to develop his artistic style, influenced by the works of Joan Mirò and Vincent Van Gogh. However, a chance opportunity in the entertainment industry led him to explore other artistic avenues, which ultimately enriched his creative process.

After completing a successful TV series, Simone took a vacation to Australia and was deeply moved by its natural beauty. This experience reignited his passion for painting, and in 2005, he began to professionally exhibit his art to the world. He quickly established himself as one of the premier figurative Roman artists, known for his evocative paintings of his hometown city. As renowned Italian artist Paolo Giorgi described, Simone's landscapes are "a place of poetry and enchantment" where "endless spaces are for Piccioni a wandering among itineraries with idyllic stops."

In recent years, Simone's art has taken a new direction, delving into the infinite world of interiors and still life. He finds inspiration in the simplest of settings, such as his grandparents' cellar, where he explores the stories and history behind objects that have been long forgotten. This focus on interiors and still life has earned Simone international acclaim, and his paintings are part of many important private collections, including those of the Prince of Qatar, the President of Italy, and Bulgari. Additionally, his works adorn official state buildings, prestigious hotel chains, and luxury residences all over the world.

Simone currently lives and works in Sydney and continues to be commissioned by European government officials and palaces, including Italian President Napolitano.


2023 holds great significance for Simone, as he has been bestowed the esteemed opportunity to showcase his artistic creations within the esteemed walls of Italy's House of Representatives in the renowned city of Rome. This is a rare honour and privilege, one that speaks to the exceptional talent and skill possessed by Simone as an artist. The exhibit is sure to be a highlight of the year and a testament to Simone's dedication and passion for his hometown of Rome and his craft.  


Through his paintings, Simone aims to show the beauty in our society, even in its supposed ugliness, as he believes that there is always beauty to be magnified.


  • 2023 People's Choice Award H.Hill - Winner

  • 2023 Lethbridge 20000 Small ScaleArt Prize - Finalist

  • 2022 Hunter's Hill Regional Art Prize - Winner

  • 2022 Doug Moran Portrait Prize - Semi-Finalist

  • 2022 Sunshine Coast Art Prize - Finalist

  • 2022 Bluethumb Still Life Art Prize  - Finalist

  • 2022 Percival Portrait Prize - Finalist

  • 2022 Lethbridge 20000 Small Scale Online Art Prize - Finalist

  • ​2022 Muswellbrook Art Prize -  Finalist


2023 First and Last, Audrey Fine Art, Sydney

2023 Studio d'Artista, House of Representatives, Rome

2023 The Australian Æffect, Frances Keevil, Sydney

2022 Still time, Frances Keecvil, Studio W, Sydney

2022 Dei Fiori, Frances Keevil Gallery Online, Sydney
2021 Momenti di Luce, Frances Keevil Gallery, Sydney
2020 Ombre contra Luce, Villa Principe Leopoldo, Lugano, Switzerland
2018 Madre tela Padre colore, Museo Diocesano di Albano, Rome
2017 Ego Assolvo, Il Frantoio, Capalbio
2015 Promenades Romaines at the Biblioteca Angelica, Rome
2014 La deliziosa solitudine at the historic Palazza Sforza Cesarini in Genzano di Roma, Rome 2012 Il Polittico Gallery, Rome
2009 Il Polittico Gallery, Rome
2005 Le tele tolte, Calcata
2004 Museum of the Infiorata, Genzano 


2023 Packsaddle Art Exhibition, NERAM

2023 Lethbridge Small scale Art Award, Lethbridge Gallery, Queensland

2023 COME FIND ME: 10 years of the KAAF, Sydney

2022 "Reflection" Exhibition, Woolloomoolo, Sydney

2022 Hunter's Hill Art Prize, Town Hall, Sydney

2022 Sunshine Coast Art, Caloundra regional gallery

2022 National Capital Art prize, Canberra

2022 20000 Small Scale Art, Lethbridge Art Gallery

2022 Percival Portrait Prize, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville

2022 Muswellbrook Art Prize, Muswellbrook Arts Centre
2021 Reset & Revival, Studio W, Sydney
2020 Federico Fellini, Danilo Donati...La mia Umbria, Tower Gallery, Todi 2020 Omaggio a Fellini, L'Hotel Art, Rome 

2019 Aurea Pictura, Comune di Santa Maria Salina, Sicily 2019 A l’infinito, Torre Truglia, Sperlonga
2018 FIVE, Catania Art Gallery, Catania
2017 Per Armando Trovajoli, Hotel Art, Rome 

2015 San Francesco e i luoghi del Suo cammino Spirituale, Museo - Antico Tesoro, Loreto
2015 Romart, Biennale internazionale di arte e cultura, Rome Iconica, Palazzo Fruscione, Salerno
2015 San Francesco e i luogi del Suo cammino spirituale, Sala dei Marmi del Museo dell’ Opera Francescana, Naples
2015 U Liotru, la leggenda di Eliodoro, Catania Art Gallery, Catania
2014 Reminiscenze Romane, UTC Palazzo Azimut, Rome
2013 Il Polittico, Grand Hotel St.Regis, Rome
2013 Roma Silenziosa, Il Polittico Gallery, Grand Hotel, Rome
2013 Kostbarkeiten, Christine Bruegger Gallerie, Bern, Switzerland
2012 Dark green, Bright Green, Palazzo Incontro, Rome
2012 I sette volti di Roma, Natale di Roma, Fontana di Trevi
2011 Galleria Il Polittico, Rome;
2011, Venti anni, venti x venti, Galleria Il Polittico, Roma
2010 Un cibo senza tempo, Il Polittico Gallery, Rome
2009 La leggerezza nello sport e nell’ arte, Mondiali di Atletica, Casa Italia, Berlin
2008 Galleria Il Polittico, Rome Per Amore – La Raccolta Caggiano, Palazzo Incontro, Rome; Calendario 2009, Il Polittico Gallery, Roma
2007 Nuovi Pittori della Realtà, a cura di Maurizio Sciaccaluga, PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Milan 2007 Nuovi Realismi, LVIII edizione del Premio Michetti, a cura di Maurizio Sciaccaluga,
2007Mumi Museo Michetti, Francavilla al Mare (Chieti)
2006 Quindici anni, Scuderie Aldobrandini per l’Arte, Frascati, Rome; Calendario 

His works are in prestigious collections around the world such as the collection Bvlgari s.p.a. and Starwood Luxury Hotel s.p.a.


“Art has depersonalised me, I have no roots, no boundaries, I feel like a child of the universe. What excites me is not the next painting or the first, it is during. It’s getting there. In general, I am neither patient nor orderly, but painters often paint what they would like to be and not what they are.”  -  Simone Piccioni

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